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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Baking biscotti at home is easy and quick. You will need a bowl
a spoon,or a mixer,and a baking sheet.It only takes 15 minutes
to mix the dough and shape logs and just another minute to cut
them diagonally at 45-degree angle for the second baking to
dry them further.These will keep for weeks in a decorative tin.
For the best results measure ingredients accurately use
lightly salted butter- can use unsalted butter. Mix just untill dough
clings together; do not overwork the dough.Use clean lightly floured
hands to shape dough into logs.If hands get sticky re-flour them.
The dough is sticky.Line baking sheet with parchment paper for easy
clean up and removal.Use serrated knife fo slicing. Chocolate is listed
by weight.For dry measure equivalent, 3 ounces chopped chocolate
equals 1/2 cup,or 4 ounces chopped chocolate equals 2/3 cup chocolate.
Chocolate melts at 98.6 degrees,so heat over simmering,not boiling
water. Avoid steam, moisture causes chocolate to sieve or cling to
together. Every oven variesand bakes differently.Check for signs of
doneness prior to suggested bakingtime.Let baked logs cool a few
minutes before slicing diagonally. Use cutting board with firm decisive
strokes to prevent crumbling.Return sliced cookies to oven lying cut
side down if a crispy surface is desired or standing upright for simply
drying the cookie,especially if it contains clocolate or dried fruit.Let
cool completly on the pan or rack then store in a tightly closed container.
Chocolate frostedcookies should stand at room temperature to firm up.
Refrigerating them will cause chocolate to turn grayish white in color.
If cookies are overly dry,place in paper bag and let sit at room temperature
to age for a few days so they may absorb moisture from the air and soften.
Cookies can be tightly wrapped in freezer paper and a plastic bag
and frozen, should be eaten within a month for best flavor.You may reheat
in 300 degree oven for 10-15 minutes to freshen flavor.

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